100+ KW System

100+ KW Solar Power System

Our Commercial solar packages are the easiest way for you to go solar. This package is all inclusive with the necessary equipment and installation services required for you to start saving on your utility bill and start producing clean and renewable solar energy right from your home!

The 100+ KW system is perfect for those Commercial properties with a roof space of approximately 10000+ square feet

What's included in your 100+ KW system?


325 Watt High efficiency solar panel as per recommended by technical team

Best in-class warranties

10 years panels workmanship warranty & 25 years panels linear power output warranty


World class higher efficiency inverter shall be installed having 5 years warranty, which can may be extended up to 10 years option. Necessary nos. of string inverters shall be installed as per recommendation of Technical UR Energy Team.

Nationally Accredited Solar Installers

Installation will be performed by Licensed accredited installers backed by an installation workmanship warranty

Certified Global Standard mountings

Specially selected by our team of U R Energy Engineers

Internationally Certified Tier 1 Solar Panels

Panels from tier 1 manufacturers marketed by UR Energy, with power tolerance of up to +5W which ensures reliable power output

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