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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Applicable to Contract between U R Energy(“the Company” or “we” or “us”) and the Customer (“You”)

  • This Contract is limited to the supply and installation of products and services set out on the Contract Form and does not include the cost to install solar smart meters. We will provide reasonable assistance to facilitate grid interconnection, but actual interconnections are performed by your current utility provider and we DO NOT make any commitments on their behalf regarding the time they require for interconnection and their terms of interconnection. You are required to deal with your utility provider to ensure their interconnection roles are fulfilled.
  • 7 day cooling off period will apply to the Contract at the discretion of U R Energy.
  • After the expiration of the cooling off period (if applicable), deposit paid is not refundable and further cancellation fees and losses may apply if you cancel the Contract.
  • If due to any technical reasons, it is not feasible to install a solar system and to provide the required services to you, U R Energy reserves the right to refund.
  • The actual kW that we will be able to install is based on the roof space available, roof shading, and for other unforseen technical reasons. Hence the actual kW that we will be able to install may vary from the order quantity. In case of the actual kW installed being less than the ordered quantity, final invoice will be raised as per the actual kW installed. In case of the actual kW installed being higher than the ordered quantity, order and billing will be revised once we have obtained your approval to increase the kW to be installed. If during the actual site visit, we found that there is a requirement /change for an additional DC box, distribution box, etc. additional charges may apply.
  • It is a term of this Contract that customers do not disclose the pricing set out in the Contract to other solar equipment supply companies, installers or sub- contractors and you agree that if you breach this term, we will suffer loss and damage.
  • You agree that certain changes to the site layout and installation plan may be necessary due to onsite access issues which only become apparent at the time of installation. While every effort is made at the time of preparing the Contract to ensure that all variations specific to your job are noted, if some changes need to be made based on the installers pre-installation site check or on the installation date which require changes to the cost of Products and Services, you will be notified as soon as possible about any variation to the price. You will be allowed to cancel the Contract and seek refund, but only if there were no errors and non-disclosures on your part.
  • You will be required to pay the price (shown before such incentives/rebates and discounts) for the Products and Services set out in this Contract.
  • Government regulations for solar system installations vary with each municipality, state and utility provider and you agree to provide us with all necessary assistance and to be ultimately responsible for obtaining all permits required to complete the Contract.
  • You confirm that you are the owner-occupier of the premises and that you have the required authorization to enter into this Contract for Products and Services, delivery of which will require full access to the property.
  • You confirm that you have verified your eligibility with appropriate bodies for incentives, rebates, discounts and loans with your financial institution and referred to in the Contract. You agree that you will be responsible for claiming any incentives, rebates, discounts or loans to the respective authorities and have formed your own view on the estimated financial benefits of a solar system incorporating assumptions specific to you and or your business with the appropriate advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc.) you deem necessary to form your own view.
  • You acknowledge that each Contract has been specially packaged to suit the customers’ specific needs and is strictly confidential.
  • You acknowledge that the solar systems performance will vary from site to site and season to season and that the average production estimates are non-binding estimates calculated based on industry standard data available for your location. Therefore we do not guarantee the level of output or performance of the solar system installation.
  • All installations will be carried out by suitably qualified installers with requisite accreditations who will endeavor to install the Products and Services in the best possible manner and methods. Installers will carry the appropriate insurance, compliance and safety certificates which are held by them as required by the applicable regulations.
  • All equipment carries Manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions and if equipment is imported, warranties are provided by the local importing companies. All warranty documentation supplied on installation must be carefully read and documentation should be kept safe for future references.
  • Warranties on installation/workmanship are supported by appropriate industry licenses and certificates and any claims on workmanship must be made to the licensed installer, following the procedure advised at the time of installation or at the time claim is made with us.
  • Our liability under this Contract is limited to the lower of the cost of repairing the Product or replacing the Product with an equivalent, at our option.
  • Title to and ownership of the Products and Services installed will pass to you only when payment in full is made by you or your loan provider. We reserve the right to remove and resell the Products if full payment is not made. Any costs of such recovery will be to your account.
  • You agree that any risk arising out of the Products and Services delivered, passes to you on the date on which the Products are installed.
  • If you choose to finance through a loan, you must read and agree to Terms and Conditions with the financial institution of your choice. You acknowledge that in such case that contract is between You and your Financial Institution and is an independent and entirely separate contract for which we are not responsible.
  • You or your representative are required to be present at the installation time to verify and confirm completion with installers. Failure to do so will require the installer to revisit the property which will be at an additional cost to you.
  • U R Energy will not be held liable for any damage to the solar system caused by fire, flood, storms or other accidents/natural clamilities.
  • Under the Privacy Act your personal information collected as part of the contract or offer, will not shared by us or with anyone other than within our internal administration team and installers or if required to assist you in creating the required documents for you to apply for a loan with a Financial Institution of your choice. You consent us to undertake the required credit assessments, if required for your loan.
  • If permits, the interconnection agreements or other forms with utility providers, municipalities, counties or states require the disclosure of your personal information, you consent to allow us to provide them with all necessary personal information to obtain the appropriate permits and other documents to provide the Products and Services outlined in this contract.
  • You acknowledge that confirmation of your eligibility for incentives, rebates, subsidies and any other forms of financial assistance including loans is entirely your responsibility. In the event that such incentives, rebates, subsidies and loans are not made available or if you fail to qualify for such programs, it is your responsibility to ensure that Total Price (before applying incentives, rebates and other benefits) as shown in the Contract is paid In accordance with the payment schedule outlined within the Contract.
    In addition, if your non-eligibility for incentives, rebates, subsidies and any other forms of financial assistance including loans is not made known before 7 days of installation or delivery, and if it is not possible to cancel the sale contract or the job/delivery has been completed, you are required to pay the Total Price.
  • You acknowledge that incentives, rebates, subsidies as well as terms and conditions with your utility provider such as among others those that dictate rates they will pay to you for excess solar electricity produced and sent to the grid may change over the life of the solar system and that we bare no cost or financial repercussions associated with these changes that are out of our control and do not form part of this Contract.

Additional Fees, Charges and notes

Please note: if your quotation does not specifically identify these, there may be extra charges you will be required to pay, if applicable and information given by you does not specify or input. Below mentioned rates are applicable for the projects below 20KW. For projects above 20KW, rates will depend on case to case basis as per actual conditions.
Double Storey $200
Main Switch $250
Cathedral Ceiling $100
Surface mounted new switch $300
Metre Box Upgrade Quoted Specific

If Terra-cota tiles, roof must be free of moss and property owners must ensure this before installation day

Disputes and Resolutions
You will specifically agree to resolve any disputes via mediation prior to having any right to take legal action in relation to or arising out of this Contract or the supply of the Products and the Services referred to in it.