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Leading Features

  • Max. efficiency, Over 97%
  • Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm and Ultra wide input voltage range
  • Integrated AFCI and Compact and light design for one-person easy installation
  • RS 485, WiFi/GPRS (optional) interface, Numerous protection functions for "peace of mind"
  • Web-based data monitoring and Visually pleasing for indoor and outdoor installations
  • 5 years standard warranty, 10 years optional upgrade
  • Battery Capacity can be expanded and Suitable for 48V battery

Data Sheet

Model URE-5K-HYB
Energy Source PV
Input (DC) (PV side)
Max. input power (kW) 5.8
Max. DC input voltage (V) 600
Start up DC input voltage (V) 120
MPPT operating range (V) 150-150
Max. DC input current (A) 15+15
Number of MPPT/ Max strings as per MPPT 2/2
Output (AC)
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery  voltage range 42-58V
Battery  Capacity 100-500Ah
Maximum Charging Power 3000W
Maximum Charging Current 62.5A
Short circuit protection Electronic, with max. charging current, switch-off <1 sec.
Number of Cycles >4000
Batteries temperature compensation Included
Batteries voltages measurement Integrated
Output AC (Grid side)
Rated output power (kW) 5 kW
Max. input power (kW) 5.0
Rated AC grid voltage (V) 202/220/240
AC grid voltage range (V) 180-270
Operating phase Single
Rated AC grid output current (A) 21.7
Output power factor >0.99
Grid current THD <4%
DC injection current (mA) <20
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
Frequency range (Hz) 47-52Hz or 57-62 Hz
System Efficiency
Max. efficiency of solar inverter 97%
European efficiency of solar Inverter 96.5%
Max. efficiency of Battery Inverting 95%
Max. efficiency of Battery charging 95%

Protection Device

Ground fault monitoring Integrate
Residual current monitoring unit Integrate
DC AFCI Optional
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
Protection class/Over voltage category I/IV

General Data

Size 333x565x250mm
Weight 25 kg
Topology Transformer less
Internal consumption <1W (Night)
Running temperature -25°C~60°C
Protection degree Ip65
Noise emission (typical) <30 dBA
Cooling concept Natural convection
Max. operating altitude without derating 2000m
Designed lifetime >20 years
Safety and EMC standard UL 1741, UL 1998, UL 1699B, IEEE 1547, FCC part 15 (Class A & B) CAN/CSA C2.2 107.1-1
Operating surrounding humidity 0~95%


DC Connection Quick Connection
AC Connection Quick Connection
Display LCD, 2 x 20Z
Interface CAN/RS 485, Wifi/GPRS (optional)
Warranty 5~10 years