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Solar technologies demand managing the installed systems efficiently. The company’s O & M team is geared to meet the performance criteria of Rooftop Solar systems. As plant grows older, O & M becomes more and more crucial to enhance and improve the performance of the system.

U R Energy has put in place a comprehensive O & M Policy for 25 years for solar systems for th performance of the panels. The salient features of the O & M Policy include:

Preventive Maintenance

routine inspection and servicing of equipment which help prevent breakdowns and reduce energy yield losses. A dedicated O & M team visits the site at scheduled intervals for preventive maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

repair of any damaged equipment which is carried out after the fault / flaw is reported. The O & M team immediately attends the fault and solves the problem within stipulated timeline to maintain the efficiency levels of the system.

Online Monitoring

daily monitoring of solar power generation against the expected output. This is carried out on a real-time basis. The process addresses a potential problem at a very early stage to prevent downtime. Fluctuations in power generation are immediately addressed and corrected on phone or at the site.

Cleaning Panels on Regular Basis

The most critical performance parameter of a rooftop solar system is to have clean panels. The company offers cleaning services at regularly defined intervals to ensure that output of the rooftop solar plant is maintained at its estimated levels.

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