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About U R Energy

Leading the World towards Sustainable, Affordable & Clean Energy

U R Energy started its journey in the solar industry since 2009 and within 8 years achieved a market leading position servicing 74,000+ residential and commercial customers across the world wide solar market. the company decided to expand globally and most recently began operations in India in 2015 and the United States of America in 2016. The company now procures, develops and installs solar power systems at economic prices for residential, commercial and utility scale customers across the world including United States of America, India, Dubai, Africa, and United Kingdom.

Quality is at the core of our business whether it be the solar products we source, our installation process or the service we provide to our customers. U R Energy is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited company and we source only the highest quality solar power systems from Tier 1, modern manufacturing facilities around the world.

The business was started with a single goal, to help accelerate the growth and adoption of solar power systems across the world not only for its obvious environmental benefits but also for the economic benefits available to our customers. That’s why we offer the highest quality products at the best price available on the market today and as always, backed by our 5% price beat guarantee.

The Pillars of the U R Energy Business

Quality Philosophy

We strive to provide the highest quality solar products, installation and customer service available in the solar industry today. Quality is at the core of our business and we consider this to be an essential pillar in achieving our goal of becoming a global solar energy leader.


We source from state of the art automated manufacturing facilities around the world to offer the best quality products. All of our panels are sourced exclusively from Tier 1 manufacturing facilities, as ranked by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation. We are committed to conducting all of our business activities in compliance with the highest ethical standards and all all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. We are dedicated to procuring products in compliance with IEC, UL , MCS and other applicable global standards.

Customer Satisfaction

At U R Energy, we put our customers at the center of our attention with a relentless focus on providing them with the best experience possible. We seek out any opportunity available to build the trust and earn the respect of our customers. We achieve outstanding customer service through clear communication, following through on our commitments and providing high quality products and installations.

Team work

Teamwork is a key component of success. The company has built a team of highly qualified individuals who share this philosophy of teamwork. This notion of teamwork extends from the management team down to each employee and on to our customers, suppliers, partners and investors who seek to strengthen the solar industry as a whole.

Worldwide Presence

The group procures, develops and installs solar power systems and has its presence worldwide with operations in Australia, United States of America, India, Dubai, Africa, and United Kingdom.


The company firmly maintains the highest standards of integrity in all of its business relationships and works with international business partners who share this view.

U R Energy’s Credential : Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Mission

Envisioning ENRGY FOR ALL – as our prime motto and quality as our business USP, today, our mission is to lead installations of affordable-clean solar technologies. Our efforts in mainstreaming solar is to become a World leader and a Rooftop Solar (RTS) Company of Choice to produce reliable, green electricity, which is absolutely essential to help India reach its sustainable development goals.

We continuously strive to provide innovative and cost competitive and sustainable-clean energy solutions.

Foster a culture of trust collaboration and performance among our stakeholders by executing and operating our projects efficiently and maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide high quality and cost effective sustainable-clean energy solutions across all markets sectors, reducing carbon foot print – paving way for sustainable energy and thereby improving quality of present and future human life.

Our Goals

Solar photovoltaic rooftop as has emerged as a potential green technology to address climate change issues by reducing reliance on conventional fossil fuels
U R Energy is committed to increase the renewable power capacities. UR Energy is striving to meet a target of 100 megawatts to meet the challenges sustainable development goals set by the country and contribute to the grid-connected solar PV roof top share of India.

Our ultimate goal is to globally reach the inflection point for Rooftop Solar when the market enters the self-replicating expansion phase, resulting in an unprecedented growth rate.