Leading Features

  • Compact and light design for one-person easy installation
  • Built in Dry run protection,Under load, Under Voltage, Overload, short Circuit and etc.
  • Maximum conversion efficiency of 93% Above
  • 3 Years standard warranty, 10 Years optional upgrade
  • Remote monitoring available
  • One Month Data Backup(Via GPRS Data Logger)
  • Suitable for All Climates

Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics

Model UR200-4T-5.5B
Maximum Input DC Voltage 800VDC
Recommended MPPT Voltage Range 450~600VDC
Working DC voltage of Inverter 230~800VDC
Max MPPT efficiency 99%
Grid or backup generator input  
Input Voltage Three phase 380V(-15%~30%)
Input frequency 50Hz (-5%~+5%)
Output specification  
Drive mode Variable Frequency Drive, output PMW, 3 phase
Rated output voltage 3PH 380V
Applicable motor (kW) 5.5kW
Rated output current (A) 13A
Output frequency 0~600.00Hz (Off 0~50.00Hz)
Protection Over-current , overvoltage, overheating
  Output phase-lose
  Under-load, under-voltage
  Short circuit and etc
  Dry run protection
General Parameters  
Power generated by PV panel Built-in
UP time of the pump Built-in
Full auto running Built-in
Over tank & dry run control Built-in
Application Site No direct sunshine, no dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil mist, steam, dripping 
Altitude 0~2000m, derated use above 1000m; Per 100m, the rated output current decrease 1%.
Environment Temperature -10~40 (Environment Temperature be 40~50, derated use.)
Humidity 5~95%,non-condensation
Vibration less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.6g)
Storage Temperature -20~+70
Efficiency Rated Power Run ≥93%
Installation Wall mounted or flange installation
Protection Grade IP20
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Package Size* 343*240*272
VFD Size* 146*249*177
VFD Size & Weight Net weight: 3.08Kg, Gross weight: 4.03Kg
Special Feature Remote Monitoring System (if Required)
  One Month Data Backup (via GPRS Data Logger)