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Power Purchase Agreement

U R Energy offers an innovative solution for you to gain easy and affordable access to solar energy with our solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA with U R Energy means that you will immediately start saving on your utility bills without having to invest a single dollar in purchasing the solar system.

With a PPA you simply pay by the month for the solar power you consume, just like your utility bill, but at a lower price. Historically, utility rates have increased over time, but with a solar PPA you can lock in lower electricity rates over the term of your contract and watch your savings grow with every year!

What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a financial agreement where a developer arranges for the design, permitting, financing and installation of a solar energy system on a customer’s property at little to no cost to the customer.

The developer sells the power generated by the solar energy system to the customer at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the current electricity rate. While the lower electricity price serves to offset the customer’s purchase of electricity from the grid, the developer receives the income from the sale of electricity as well as any tax credits and other incentives available through the system.

Benefits of PPAs to Solar Customers

No down payment required

With a PPA you don’t need to make an upfront investment, because you are not buying the system, you are only buying the energy you consume from the solar system.

Reduced energy costs

The solar energy price offered under a PPA is significantly lower than what you pay for energy consumed from your utility company. That means the more solar energy you use, the more you save!

Zero maintenance

We maintain the system for the period of the PPA term so that you are assured of uninterrupted power supply at all times.

Transfer of ownership

You have the option of owning the system after 5 years or at any point up until the end of the PPA term so you can realize even greater energy savings over the life of the system.

Savings can grow every year

Your savings can grow over time as utility rates continue to increase. Historically, utility rates have been increasing over time. With a Solar PPA, you can secure lower electricity rates during the term of your contract

System Monitoring

With our 24/7 monitoring system we are constantly monitoring the system’s performance to ensure its operating smoothly. If any problem does arise, our service team will be notified so that it can be fixed.

Insurance cover

Our all-inclusive coverage includes protection against damage and theft.